Friday, February 22, 2013

In the Spirit of Love



Last year for Valentine's Day I wrote myself a love letter, and I've decided to do it again.  This year I am at a completely different place as a person, and so I'm curious to see how I've changed.  I've decided not to read last year's letter until after I've written this one.  So here it goes...


Happy Valentine's Day! First, I want to say that I am proud of you.  At 25, you might not be were you always thought you would be, but honestly you hadn't really given it that much thought until recently.  You have made great strides in the last year.  You've really narrowed your sights on school, you've become even more dedicated and determined in your work, you've removed certain negative influences from your life (such as alcohol and certain people), and overall, you seem very focused on bettering yourself.  I am proud of you for that.

I must say, I love that you have found your happy, silly, positive outlook on life again.  Things are so much better now that you are smiling and laughing again.  You are more motivated, and you are opening your heart again.  Things are much better now that you have let that icy, cold wall around your heart melt away.  

I love that you never give up.  In fact, this is what I love most about you.  You have been through a lot of crap.  You have had points in your life when you thought you couldn't go on.  But you always found a way to look up.  You climbed your way back up when other people said you couldn't.  And most importantly, you found yourself again.

I love that you are humble, that you are generous and that you are open-minded.  You will be able to help many people with these traits.  Never give up on yourself or the people around you.  If you continue down the path you're currently on you will be able to do a lot of great things.

Keep your head up, girlie.