Monday, January 30, 2012

A Healthy Girl is a Happy Girl



So right now I'm sitting in the hospital because of my stupid gall bladder again.  Except this time I had to stay over night, and I'm probably going to need surgery within the next few days.  Being in the hospital is pretty boring, just in case you haven't heard.  Thank goodness Dad brought me my laptop, or I'm pretty sure I'd be going crazy right now.  And speaking of Dad, you should see him passed out in the chair right now. :P

So I don't know if you remember, but my body has never really liked me.  When I was 12, I had pneumonia, bronchitis twice, and mono all in the same year.  I've had asthma for awhile, joint problems, dizziness, etc.  There was that thing a few years ago when my mouth swelled up pretty bad from cold sores.  And then more recently, I learned I had gallstones.  So yeah, I'm pretty convinced my body really doesn't like me. 

I know you're only 13, but make sure you start taking care of yourself now.  Don't wait until later to worry about a healthy diet, exercise, and all the other things that keep a person healthy.  If I had known five years ago that eating foods like pizza, Chinese food, and ice cream would put me here today, I probably would have cut back.  Soda is another bad one, too.  And always exercise when you can!  Even if it's dancing for fifteen minutes in your room or going for a bike ride around the block, find an exercise you like and do it.  It will give you more energy and make you feel like a better, healthier, more energized person.  Trust me!

So take care of yourself.  In the meantime, looks like I'll be watching cartoons and playing Words With Friends...



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