Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sparkly Piggy Bank



Money has definitely been on my mind lately.  Despite having two jobs, I still can't seem to make ends meet.  Have you ever thought about what you'd do/ buy if you ever won the lottery?  I know it's a "what if" question, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to dream a little...

Want to know what I'd do?  First, I'd put aside money for me to go back to school, and money for you and Chrysta to go to college.  Then, I'd pay off Mom and Dad's house, and pay off my debt.  Then I'd probably buy myself a house.  Oh! And I'd make sure that Hallie had money for college, too.  Throw a little shopping trip in there, save the rest, and I'd be good.  I would continue to work, too. 

So what would you do?  I'm assuming shopping and something music related would be on there (like paying your current celeb crush to be your boyfriend).  You might even buy a car, even though you're only 13.  Bu what about school?  Or saving?  Or even helping other people?

Take it from me: it's awesome to have a big chunk of money.  I basically got paid to go to college.  I blew it, though, and now when I'm struggling to pay bills, I could kick myself over and over again for not being smarter.  Start saving now, even if it means getting a sparkly piggy bank like I did.  You'll feel so much better in the future if you start planning now.




  1. I absolutely love this blog already. I went to church yesterday and they talked about influence. They talked about how you influence someone when you least expect it. When they were saying this my brother turned and looked right at me. I'm 22 and he's 14 and right now I'm thinking that I don't want him to follow my example. I went to college and semester when I got my refund check back I blew it. Sure I'd pay rent and books, but when I'd still have money leftover I'd blow it instead of saving it for when I had to pay back the student loan. Well my junior year I got hooked on a guy. Instead of paying my rent money and book money I gave it to him cause he lost his job. I fell behind in rent and was barely making ends meat at my job. So the solution? I dropped out to get more hours. I wound up working myself to exhaustion and got fired because of how sick I got. I go back to all that time of when I could've saved why didn't I? Because I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it now. Well now I'm trying to find a job and bills are piling up around me. I'm starting to work with my creditors bit by bit, but all I think now is when it comes to money... I hope my brother doesn't turn out like me because this road sucks. Yet, I don't see this as a negative I see it as a positive because I can teach people what I've learned and I think that with Lauren you're doing an amazing job.

    1. Thank you! Yes, money is a hard one...I learn this lesson over and over again. Just keep your head up! I know what I did in the past with my money has put me in a bad place today, but at the same time I know not to dwell on it because there's nothing I can do to change it. I hope you keep reading because soon I'll be posting a letter about what it means to be a sister. I think you'll find that one interesting!