Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Another Day



Another day of sitting in the hospital.  It's kind of hard to think of something to write when you've got machines beeping around you and people walking in and out of your room constantly to check on stuff.  Not the best environment when you're trying to think of something profound and worth while to say.

I've never liked going to the doctor or dentist really.  The thought of needles freaks me out, which is weird considering I have so many piercings.  And the thought of surgery, or anything cutting me open, well that freaks me out even more. When I was little, it would take four or five nurses to hold me down just give me a needle.  They would tell me that if I didn't hold still, the needle would break off in my skin and then we'd have even more of a problem.  It's comical thinking about it now, but to tell a child that? Well that's just wrong...

So now when I go in to have stuff done, I'm like a giant baby. "Tell me when you're going to stick me."  "Don't let me see the needle."  "I really hate this..."  These are all things you can hear me say to a nurse when she's trying to draw blood or give me a shot. 

I just keep reminding myself that things could be worse.  Things could always be worse...



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