Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Talk Laundry



I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I absolutely HATE folding laundry.  Awesome secret, right?  Doesn't matter how motivated I'm feeling that day, doesn't matter that the pile of clothes is blocking my view of the television, IT DOESN'T MATTER.  I absolutely hate it.

Maybe I hate it so much because part of my duties at work are to fold clothes until my arms fall off.  Or, it could be that I feel like it's pointless to fold something that I'm going to try on later and throw right back on my bed when I decide it doesn't look good.  I'm sure you have chores that you hate doing, too.  Am I right?

I don't think that ever changes as we become adults.  You may be 13, and I'm 24, but guess what?!  We both probably hate doing chores!  Funny how universal some things can be...

You're probably like "Okay, Meghan.  Enough ranting about laundry..."  But, I have a point in all this laundry talk.  No matter what age gap, whether it be 10 years like me and you, or 35 years like you and Mom, there are some things that we go through every day that we all may react the same towards.  In my case, I'm 24, and like any random 13 year old out there, I hate doing laundry.

Keep your head up girl.  And remember, no matter what it is, even if it's chores, you're never alone in what you're going through.




  1. Hear hear to laundry being the bane of my existence. Although from time to time I do have a pretty good system so no piles build up, unfortunately I ha e two piles right now to get through by tomorrow :-( and sigh!

    1. Ha so it's not just me! Like I'm trying to explain to Lauren, some things just never change, no matter how old or smart you become. I've never liked folding clothes and I don't think I ever will!