Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ready for Some Fun



Hello!  Today has been pretty boring, not going to lie.  I made stuff for Valentine's Day, did stuff on the computer, and now I GET TO GO OUT! OMG you have no idea how much I've been wanting to go out with my friends and dance and have fun.  Being cooped up for two weeks is noooo fun, let me tell you.

So tonight I get to play DD.  In case you don't know, DD stands for Designated Driver.  Very, very important job, and not something you should take lightly.  Of course, you better not figure this out anytime soon, because you won't be 21 for another 8 years.  But yes, despite being DD, I still get to have fun tonight!  I'm so excited about getting out and seeing people that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be super hyper just being sober.  I'm really glad that I'm the type of person that can have fun without drinking.  I'll still dance and do silly stuff without needing any other influence.  When you get older you'll understand more.  If you need alcohol to have fun, well that's just lame.

I hope you're having a good weekend!  Have lots of fun if you can and keep your head up. :)



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