Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Inspires You?



Hey.  I've got a question for you today.  What inspires you?  It could be anything. . .just think about it.  It doesn't have to be a huge inspiration.  It could be something that inspires a feeling, an action, anything like that.  I've been in a Gavin DeGraw mood lately.  Usually when I'm obsessively listening to his music days at a time, I'm either 1: depressed, 2: hopeful, 3: soulful, or 4: I'm straight up missing his voice and music (I'll make sure to share one of my favorite songs of his with you so that you can see why I'm so obsessed).  Well I've been listening to his music a lot lately.  Don't worry, I'm not depressed.  It would take a lot for me to get to that point again.  I'm feeling a bit soulful and a lot pensive lately, and he inspires me.  Just his lyrics, his tone, and his overall gorgeousness. . .something about him inspires me.

While music is an obvious inspiration because of the way it can make you feel, think about the other stuff, too.  Food is an inspiration for me (that makes me sound like a fatty).  I love to try new things with different foods.  It gets me feeling creative.  Pinterest is another thing lately that has inspired me to try some fun new projects, recipes and looks.  You should check it out sometime. It's definitely addictive.  And then of course there are people.  You inspired me to be a better big sister and so I started this blog.  It's stuff like that that pushes me to do new things.

So what inspires you?  I challenge you to think about it, and when you feel inspired, act on it.  There's a reason you feel inspired in the first place.  Keep your head up!



"Glass" by Gavin DeGraw

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  1. i can agree about music- sometimes i get in a mood and listen to the same song on repeat. it's amazing how it can make you feel things.