Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Super Bowl?



Today is the day football fans go crazy.  Whether they are actually rooting for one of the teams playing, or if they are crying over the fact that their team sucked too much to make it to the big game, most eyes will be on the television today.  Not mine, though! I have never been a football fan.  Call me weird, call me lame, call me whatever you want.  I've just never liked football.  I've never really understood it, either.  When I tell people this they usually look at me like I'm crazy, or like I must have been too dumb to finish high school.  Either way, I won't be watching.

Sure, sometimes you'll catch me wearing an Eagles shirt.  I guess this is how I show my "family pride."  Ever since I was little, all I remember is our dad, his brother and his father rooting for any Philadelphia team.  Since I actually like baseball, I'll wear the Phillies gear every now and then, and even watch a game on tv when I can. And truthfully, I've always been curious about ice hockey but have never watched it.  Maybe I'll have to check it out one day.  But football has never been my thing.  Still, when I wear that shirt I'll gladly defend my family's choice in teams.  I'll say "My Dad is from there.  So was his dad, and his dad's dad."  Then I usually go on to talk about how our great-grandfather used to write for the Philadelphia Inquirer when he was still around.

So, no, I won't be watching the Super Bowl today.  If I could actually eat all the yummy food that goes along with the big game, then you'd probably find me at some gathering, but since I had surgery I can't even participate in that part of the Super Bowl.  For some, today is a big day. But not for me.  If you are watching the game today, I hope you have fun.  Maybe you'll be a football fan as you get older.  Not all of us sisters have to be the same. :)



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